I Was Creating a World

“For at least two years I didn’t write. I was creating a world in which my characters could move with ease.”

(From https://youtu.be/M8IWTOFNlOc)


Habits Can Be Broken

“By the way, I reject a lot of the stuff that’s being peddled around today about how you perform and break habits. I know there’s this very popular book, one that I even recommended, which talks about the science behind habits. One of its depressing conclusions, I think this came out of Stanford, was that you can’t break habits, you can only replace them. That’s BS. I’ve definitely broken habits completely. I think you can uncondition yourself. You can untrain yourself. It’s just hard. It takes work. It takes effort. Usually the big habit changes comes when there’s strong desire-motivators attached to them.”

(From https://www.fs.blog/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/Naval-Ravikant-TKP.pdf)