Morbid Curiosity

“Some of us have a natural inclination towards the macabre, often already from a young age on. I was definitely one of those kids. I devoured every scary children’s book I could find and moved on to the adult horror section while still being so small I couldn’t even reach the upper library shelves. As soon as I had access to the internet back in the late 90’s, aside from frequenting the Leonardo DiCaprio chatroom I would spend hours behind the screen clicking through the web in search of dark places like and Faces of Death.

One of the images that has always stuck with me was a black and white photo of a man[caution when clicking: link leads to image] posing in a weird way on his bed to show how he had been struck by lightning and how the bottoms of his feet got blown off. It was not the photo itself that made an impact on me, but the idea that death was always looming and could really strike anytime, anywhere.”