A Game of Thrones Media Environment

“23/ What happens when your customer modeling and market segmentation has to dump (say) the Claritas PRIZM persona model for post-FB-scandal culture-war battlefield map? How does your marketing change?

24/ In HR, "culture" used to be anodyne conversations about scripting cosmetic gestures comprising mostly harmless signals. Now it is battle-planning in a weaponized environment of harassment and bias allegations, and endemic internal tribal conflict.

25/ The normalcy collapse has also hit outbound PR. We are no longer in boilerplate press release world where the worst case was your media messaging being ignored and the best case was an innocent viral meme.

26/ Hashtag wars, sponsor boycotts, people smashing coffee machines, kids eating detergent pods, and Mark Zuckerberg on a Contrition Tour are all routine event types now. A game of thrones media environment.”

(From https://mailchi.mp/ribbonfarm/when-business-as-usual-ends?e=404cefd463)