Children are Born to Parents

“The German government submitted replies to the ECHR in late January, claiming the children’s seizure was justified to force them to attend local school so they would learn how to deal with people who think differently. Previous court rulings in Germany have supported the ban on homeschooling, arguing education is a state function and the government has a compelling interest in preventing religious or ideological “parallel societies.”

But homeschooling supporters and some legal experts disagree.

“Children are born to parents, not governments, and Germany’s homeschooling policy is completely out of step with other free democracies that allow home education as part of their free and civil societies,”said Mike Donnelly, director of global outreach for the Home School Legal Defense Association, which is also defending the Wunderlich family. “Human rights experts at the UN and scholars worldwide have found that home education is a natural, fundamental, and protected human right. The court must hold Germany accountable to respect this.””